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Will bigCommerce work on a mobile phone

BigCommerce comes fully optimized for most mobile patforms and devices – including but not limited to:

  • Apple iPhone
  • Apple iPad
  • Palm Pre
  • Android Devices
  • Any Webkit-Enabled Browser

What accounting software works with BigCommerce

BigCommerce integrates with the following Accounting packages:

  • QuickBooks Pro
  • QuickBooks Premier
  • QuickBooks Pro (UK)
  • QuickBooks Premier (UK)
  • QuickBooks Pro (Canada)
  • QuickBooks Premier (Canada)
  • StoneEdge Order Manager
  • Flexible CSV
  • Flexible XML
  • MYOB
  • Peachtree

What Shopping Comparisons Sites can I export to from BigCommerce

BigCommerce has integrated support for the following shopping comparison websites and services Beso Export BizRate Export MySimon Export NexTag Export PriceGrabber Export Export Shopzilla Export

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What shipping options does BigCommerce provide

BigCommerce allows you to use the following shipping providers Australia Post Canada Post FedEx Flat Rate Per Item Flat Rate Per Order Intershipper Royal Mail Ship by Order Total Ship by Weight UPS UPS Online Tools USPS UPS, USPS, FedEx address label printing via Shipworks integration

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What Payment Gateways can I use with BigCommerce

BigCommerce supports the majority or popular payment processors and for United States residents has it’s own competitively priced payment provider. 2Checkout SimplePay Bank Deposit Beanstream BPay Camtech (Now SecurePay) Cardservice International Cash on Delivery Check ChronoPay API ChronoPay Hosted Page Cybersource Cynergy Data E-Xact eWay Google Checkout HSBC Secure ePayments iDEAL Advanced (Rabobank/ING) Innovate Gateway […]

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Can I add Facebook Like Buttons to BigCommerce

Add a like button to a BigCommerce product

[message type="success"]Short Answer: Yes. Very Easily[/message] On the Display tab of the Settings page in BigCommerce you will find a set of tools to allow you to easily add a Facebook “like” button to your BigCommerce product pages You have full control of all the options as if you had a developer customise the like button […]

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Is BigCommerce SEO Friendly

Big Commerce Search Engine Optimization

[message type="success"]Short Answer: Yes it is. More than most shopping carts[/message] BigCommerce was developed with the assistance of Aaron Wall the worlds foremost search engine oprtimizer and has many features built right into it to take full and complete advangtage of the latest developments in search engine optimization. BigCommerce also features support for Google Website Optimizer […]

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Is BigCommerce PCI Compliant


[message type="success"]Update Jan 2011: Yes. See Is BigCommerce PCI Compliant[/message] There isn’t much to say about BigCommerce PCI Compliance – it will be before the new deadline, but it was supposed to be by the last deadline and it wasn’t. My thinking is that they can not afford not to get this done so there […]

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Can I add videos to my BigCommerce product pages

BigCommerce Videos

[message type="success"]Yes.BigCommerce has built in support for Youtube videos (including searching youtube to find the videos)[/message] For each Big Commerce Product you can search for and add any number of videos from Youtube.

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Are there any hidden costs associated with BigCommerce

Big Commerce Fees

[message type="success"]There are no hidden or transaction charges associated with BigCommerce[/message] While it is true to say that the monthly fee is the only cost associated with BigCommerce you should seriously consider getting your domain and SSL certificate which cost approximately $79.00 a year. Other charges you could expect to pay are no different to any e-commerce installation […]

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